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Seville Expo Exhibition 1992
Kuwait’s participation in Expo Seville World Expo, which was under the title “The Age of Discovery” in the Spanish city of Seville in 1992. 

milano 2015

Definition of the achievements of the state in various fields of development.
Implementing a new media vision which reflects the progress of Kuwait through research studies and successful experiences related to energy , water , and food. 

The exhibition will be under the title “ Feeding the Planet - Energy for life” in the Italian city of Milan between May 1, 2015 to October 31, 2015.
Turkey lost the bid to Milan, Italy. This will be the second time Milan hosts the exposition, the first being the Milan International of 1906. 

International Exhibition or global ( Expo ) is organized every five years in one of the cities of the world since the 19th century with the aim of public education and to link  resources available to meet the needs of civilization development and future progress. ​